On April 28th I had surgery. In a heavy, drug induced sleep a doctor sent a microscope and a knife down my throat, and removed a polyp that had formed on one of my vocal folds. Since then I have lived in a silent state of recovery. No talking, no singing, and no clearing my throat. That last one proved the most difficult. It was a mind over matter battle, like trying to hold in a sneeze every fifteen minutes for four days. Last Tuesday was my first post-surgery check up, and thankfully the first stages of healing have gone well. It looks like I’ll be able to start voice rehab this coming Monday. The goal is to be back to normal amounts of talking by the end of the month, and light singing by mid June.

I can’t help but have questions. Will I sound different? Will it feel different? There are story’s on both ends of the spectrum. Some have under went this procedure, and equate the results to a retired football player getting his high school knees back. On the other hand there are the horror stories. Though they are rare, they are still there. Whatever the outcome I am thankful for the great amount of peace that God has given to me and my family through this. I very much trust that He is in control.

This coming Monday will mark a total of an entire month of me not talking. Needless to say, I can not wait to get my voice back. To have a conversation with my wife. To read stories to my girls. To actually say “I love You” back to them instead of just signing it with my hand. To write and sing songs. I can’t wait.

In the mean time I wanted to let you guys now about the K-Love fan awards. My song “This Is Amazing Grace” has been nominated for Song Of The Year! Pretty cool! Even cooler than that is that an organization called World Hope has promised to donate a new house for families in need in Detroit for every 500,000 votes that are cast. So every vote counts. Please take a minute or two and vote to be a part of helping these families in need. If you want to vote for me that would be cool to:)

Thanks again for your continued prayer and encouragement through this time. Hoping to get back at it soon and see you while I’m out on the road.