CHILDREN OF GOD - Now Available

Hi friends,

I'm excited to say that my new album "Children of God" is out this week! It's been such an unforgettable journey bringing these songs to life over the past year. This record was a labor of love and I am beyond excited that it is finally available for everyone to hear. There was something special going on while these songs came to life in the studio, and I hope you can feel that in the songs as you listen. Head over to one of the places below to check it out now!

I hope these songs move you closer to God and stir your heart to step into the victorious, free, forgiven, purposeful life that Jesus has already won for you by his death and resurrection.

"Standing together, we are the CHILDREN OF GOD!"



Hey everyone!

So excited to announce that Singalong 3 released TODAY!
The idea of these “Singalong” records started one night several years ago in Portland, Oregon. It was just me, my guitar, and a few thousand college students singing out songs of worship together. That night we pressed record and captured something truly special. It was simple, raw, and honest. That recording became the first “Singalong” record. Ever since that first recording it has been a dream of mine for these “Singalong” projects to become something more than just records tied to my name. I dreamed that “Singalong” would be about a community coming together to worship God not only off stage, but on stage as well. With Singalong 3 that dream became a reality. It was my honor to have Kari Jobe, Jeremy Riddle, and Shane & Shane join with me, and I think what was captured is truly special. It is our prayer that these songs lift your eyes to Jesus, and inspire true worship in hearts.

God Bless You!



This coming weekend I will be doing my first string of shows since I had vocal surgery. Doctors and speech therapists have sent cameras down my throat to look at every angle of my vocal chords, and they have given me a clean bill of health. So thankful! There is almost no sign of the surgery, which is pretty rare. The last few months have been a roller coaster of fears, hopes and unknowns. Thanks be to God for His strength and love to carry me through this, and I am trusting Him now as I continue to move forward. From early on I was told that if I was to move forward with surgery there would be a period of rehabilitation and conditioning I would have to go through once healing was complete. I am in that period now. It feels MUCH better to sing, but it will take some time for things to settle and muscles to build back up. Your prayers for continued strength and progression through this would be very much appreciated.

Thursday is the first time I will be singing a full set on stage in almost 3 months. It’s going to be at a festival in Ohio called Alive. It’s a great event that I’ve been a part of before. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous, since the last time I sang a full set my voice was all but dried up. More than nerves though, I am beyond excited to lead a group of people in worship again. Friday and Saturday are both in Arizona. Prescott Valley and Tucson. If you live in the area I would love to see you there. Check out the “Tour” link on my page to see more details.

Being out of commission this long has definitely given me a new depth of gratitude for what God allows me to do, and a heart refreshed and excited for whats to come. For us humans, it’s amazing how quickly the extraordinary can seem ordinary. Especially for those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ. The story we build our lives upon, the promises we hold on to, the hope that drives us forward, the new life that has been given to us is all SO extraordinary. I want to live day to day in the wonder of it all. Can you imagine being so heavenly minded, so aware of Jesus, that there is no such thing as a “daily grind”. Where obligation is replaced by desire, mundane is replaced with passion, and duty replaced with love. One day that will be the only way that life is for the Christ follower, but until then we can at least practice. I say all this because these are some of the many thoughts and desires that this season has brought about in my heart. I got a short glimpse of what life would look like without ever being able to sing again, and I realized that all that we have can go as easily, or as difficult, as it came. Skills, opportunities, talents, abilities, our relationships, our voices, our lives. It’s our job to do the most we can with it while we have it. Life is too short for pride or selfishness or laziness or fear. Like the steam that rose up out of your coffee this morning and disappeared in moments, so are our lives compared to the great expanse of eternity. Obviously we will never be able to fully realize this kind of living while in this life, but it’s not a lost cause. Not by a long shot. May we take steps, day by day, towards this version of ourselves. For this who we really are. This is who we are made to be. One day soon we will look upon the face of our Savior, and what was once our ideal will forever be our reality.



On April 28th I had surgery. In a heavy, drug induced sleep a doctor sent a microscope and a knife down my throat, and removed a polyp that had formed on one of my vocal folds. Since then I have lived in a silent state of recovery. No talking, no singing, and no clearing my throat. That last one proved the most difficult. It was a mind over matter battle, like trying to hold in a sneeze every fifteen minutes for four days. Last Tuesday was my first post-surgery check up, and thankfully the first stages of healing have gone well. It looks like I’ll be able to start voice rehab this coming Monday. The goal is to be back to normal amounts of talking by the end of the month, and light singing by mid June.

I can’t help but have questions. Will I sound different? Will it feel different? There are story’s on both ends of the spectrum. Some have under went this procedure, and equate the results to a retired football player getting his high school knees back. On the other hand there are the horror stories. Though they are rare, they are still there. Whatever the outcome I am thankful for the great amount of peace that God has given to me and my family through this. I very much trust that He is in control.

This coming Monday will mark a total of an entire month of me not talking. Needless to say, I can not wait to get my voice back. To have a conversation with my wife. To read stories to my girls. To actually say “I love You” back to them instead of just signing it with my hand. To write and sing songs. I can’t wait.

In the mean time I wanted to let you guys now about the K-Love fan awards. My song “This Is Amazing Grace” has been nominated for Song Of The Year! Pretty cool! Even cooler than that is that an organization called World Hope has promised to donate a new house for families in need in Detroit for every 500,000 votes that are cast. So every vote counts. Please take a minute or two and vote to be a part of helping these families in need. If you want to vote for me that would be cool to:)

Thanks again for your continued prayer and encouragement through this time. Hoping to get back at it soon and see you while I’m out on the road.