Big Church Day Out 2013


There is a special place in my heart for the UK. Such great people, music, history, literature, and landscapes. Maybe somewhere deep in my DNA there is some UK-ancestor-residue that keeps calling me back to it’s homeland. I think I was 15 when I first visited, and I have lost count of how many trips since then. Over the past several years I have had the pleasure and honor of being a small part of a few amazing ministries God is dynamically working through over there. Taking part in a summer youth conference called Soul Survivor was literally life changing for both my wife and me. The worship movement called Worship Central was another ministry that has had a big impact on me as a worshiper and leader. And most recently, I was invited to play at an amazing festival called Big Church Day Out this past May, and I LOVED it! It’s pretty much a massive two day long worship gathering. The people at Big Church Day Out recently posted the set online. You can listen here, voice cracks and all! :)

We played three songs off of “The Ascension”, which is my soon to be released record.

1. Holy Light
2. This Is Amazing Grace
3. When My Heart Is Torn Asunder

If you’re reading this before September 24th, 2013 you can preorder my new record right here on the website, listen to the whole thing, AND get exclusive pre-order stuff. If it’s past September 24th, 2013 “The Ascension” is out and you should go get it!!!


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